Thursday, September 2, 2010

Amazon Book Review

I feel sorry about the harshness of this review but reading the preview of this book really upset me. I didn't understand why an outdated work that ignored so many recent discoveries was being republished to bolster an ancient argument. It's very personal because I think I had an inferiority complex about my culture and religion. I now wish I had kept my review anonymous but like I said before, I'm impulsive.

A History of Civilization in Ancient India, Based on Sanscrit Literature: Volume 1. Vedic and Epic Ages [Paperback] Romesh Chunder Dutt (Author)

Title: 1889 reprint written by an Indian with an inferiority complex

This account of Indian history is written by a Westernized Indian with an ingrained inferiority complex due to British and Muslim rule. This work is not based on his own analysis of Sanskrit literature but rather the English and Hindi translations of the Vedas by various European scholars and other Westernized Indian hacks with similar inferiority complex about their indigenous culture.

This author is ignorant and on a quest for fame by writing a “popular” (his own description) account of ancient Indian history. The publisher Elibron Classics is happy to republish a 1889 text by an Indian author that supports the now discounted Aryan Invasion Theory. The original printing was published by another British racist group named Thacker, Spink and Co., Calcutta; Trubner and Co., London. Elibron and Elibron Classics are trademarks of Adamant Media Corporation (probably another racist group).

Many Indians understandably had an inferiority complex versus the British. These Indians who had lost faith in religious teachings believed anything the British told them about their own ancient history. India’s ancient history was purposefully clouded due to 800 years of Muslim rule so that the Muslims could not distort and negate its past glory.

In this book, there is no original translation analysis from the original Sanskrit by this author. It is not clear from the reading whether he even knows Sanskrit since he depends so heavily of English translations. He simply reiterates the racist, colonialist account of the imagined Aryan invasion popular at the time by European translators of Hindu religious texts.

Religious sages and teachers who have studied the Vedas in their original Sanskrit have a much different account of the Hindu religion which they believe to be 10,000 plus years old. It is no wonder why Hinduism is referred to as Sanatan (Eternal) Dharma. Krishna birth (and the subsequent Mahabharat war) is dated by Indian religious scholars to have occurred 5000 years ago during the onset of the Indus River Civilization. Rama Bhagwan’s virtuous kingdom existed a few thousand years previous to Krishna’s birth.

European and specifically British colonialist scholars vehemently opposed this historical account since it didn’t support their racist agenda to subvert Indian history. Weaker Indians with an inferiority complex such as the author of this text quickly adopted the Eurocentric view that Indian culture and languages came about from white Aryan conquest. Fortunately this racist myth has now been put to rest by archeological evidence which is still discounted by Western scholars who have more faith in vague and extremely hypothetical linguistics analysis.

It is not surprising why an outdated book such as this by an Indian author is being republished and sold on Amazon with free Super Saver Shipping. Anyone who is not racist would see that the Aryan invasion theory has been disproved by simple common sense analysis of archeological facts and a true literary analysis of the Rig Veda and subsequent Saraswati River Civilization Vedas. Eurocentric Westerners have a hard time accepting that civilization did not arise from noble white conquerors of inferior dark-skinned “aborigines” as this author likes to call them. A better translation of the Sanskrit word arya is not “noble” but rather civilized. And civilized people are not racists. Rather they have to fight an ongoing “war” against forces of untruth and ignorance, who use propaganda to bolster their selfish agendas.

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